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Calendar 2019

Everyone can do calendars for Jan to Dec. Our calendar covers the gliding season (at least for the northern hemisphere). It will consist of the 13 best images you guys vote for. Based on images shared by the community. The problem is shipping. Shipping calendars is expensive due to their sizes. You can order a shipped physical calendar via our shop. But shipping may exceed the cost of the calendar. So for all our international visitors we will be providing a pdf download of the calendar for you to ship to your local print shop. It will be in A3 format (may not work in countries with imperial measures – don’t know).


From 1 March 2019 voting will be open until end of March and you can select you favourite images below in the image list. We will use the top 13 images – 12 images for the months and one title page. If you have uploaded images, mobilise friends and family to vote for your picf.

Rules: We want to show the many facets of flying in the calendar. There won’t be multiple images of the same plane in the calendar, there won’t be just gliders or just Extras. Should the final 13 images violate this rule, we will select the best runner ups as back fills for images we scrap. As usual, management has the final word :-).

You can upload max 5 images. Please no images larger than 8Mb. You may have to shrink sizes before uploading.

Only images in landscape format please. And you should have at least 4096px width in the image (though you may upload a smaller version). In case any of your images makes it to the calendar we will contact you for the best available version of the image.

By uploading an image you confirm to our club (LSV Grenzland e.V.) that you own the copyright of the image. You also grant us unlimited usage rights to the image (both in print as well as digital). We will always show your name as the copyright owner when using your image.


Use the “Foto hochladen” link below for uploading images (sorry this function is not capable of multilingual interfacing).